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Obama Appears on Fox, Angers Left


This weekend Barack Obama appeared on Fox News in an interview with Chris Wallace. Liberal bloggers are not happy. Many on the activist left see Fox as the enemy and some have accused Obama of legitimizing the rightwing press.

I don’t watch Fox because I feel they too often cross the line between news and editorial without first providing proper context. However, I have long been amused by the left’s quixotic quest to boycott Fox into irrelevance. All Democrats do when they refuse to appear on Fox is ensure their views are marginalized further on the network. A lack of Democratic politicians on Fox just means Fox’s viewers receive an even more one-sided view of the world. How does that help the liberal cause?

In the world of bitter, unhinged partisanship, Obama is catching more grief for agreeing to meet with Chris Wallace than he did for saying he’d meet with men like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Classic.

I give credit to Obama for appearing on Fox. The more he actually engages those on the right the more his “unity” rhetoric becomes believable. Generally, my opinion of any Democrat improves the moment they irritate bloggers on sites like Daily Kos.