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Rasmussen: Obama Leads By 14 In North Carolina


It’s currently Obama/Clinton, 51/37. However, his lead has dropped by 9 points since the last time they polled when he lead by 23.

Also, the demographics look nearly identical to those in other contests…

Clinton leads by fifteen points among White voters while Obama leads 80% to 11% among African-Americans. Clinton does well among White Women and older voters while Obama leads among those under 65.

Among White voters who earn less than $60,000 annually, Clinton leads by a 2-to-1 margin. Obama leads among White voters who earn more than $75,000 a year.

Obama is viewed favorably by 71% of the state’s Likely Primary Voters, down four points from the previous survey. Clinton is viewed favorably by 62%, down four since earlier this month.

And one note about inevitability…

Overall, 62% believe that Obama will win the nomination while 26% believe it will be Clinton who ends up representing the party.

Obama voters, by an 89% to 6% margin, believe their candidate will win. Clinton voters, by a 58% to 30% margin, believe the former First Lady will be the Party’s nominee.

She still has quite a ways to go if she’s going to convince people that she can still win the nomination. Her message will probably resonate more in Indiana.