His numbers are holding steady, but there are warning signs on the horizon…

The Democratic Presidential Nomination remains stable. It’s Obama 49%, Clinton 41%

Rasmussen Markets data, however, shows Obama’s chances for winning the nomination have slipped four percentage points since yesterday. Currently, the frontrunner is given a 74.0 % chance of victory.

Data from the Rasmussen Markets also shows that expectations for Obama to be the next President have also declined. As of Tuesday morning, expectations for Obama to win the White House were at 44%. That’s down from 49% a week ago and 54% a week-and-a-half ago.

The decline is likely the result of both the Pennsylvania Primary results and the re-emergence of Jeremiah Wright in the media spotlight. Polling data released yesterday shows that both Republicans and unaffiliated voters are less likely to believe that Obama is a stronger general election candidate than Clinton.

Sure, no signs of any impending implosion, but a big win in North Carolina is probably needed to put him firmly back in the driver’s seat. Because she’s really dominated the conversation over the past week and if he wants to put this thing to bed sooner rather than later, he’ll have to wrestle the steering wheel back from her pronto.

Politics Rasmussen: Obama Leads By 8 Nationally