It’s 3 to 2 in today’s superdelegate race, and so far the post-Pennsylvania count stands at 10 to 5, Obama’s pickups to Clinton’s pickups.

The first one for Obama today was Rep. Bruce Braley from Iowa, and we covered that earlier today.

The second was a Rep. Baron Hill from Indiana.

The third was Rep. Lois Capps from California.

Politico has more:

A California congresswoman with long ties to both Clintons will announce her endorsement of Barack Obama today, a campaign source said.

Rep. Lois Capps, who represents a district on California’s central coast, is the third member of Congress to announce an endorsement of Senator Obama Wednesday, the day after he responded sharply to one of the deepest crises of his campaign, a confrontational and, he said, “appalling” set of remarks by his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The campaign is using the flurry of endorsements to shore up political support and demonstrate the frontrunner’s continuing strength.

Hillary had a good day as well, adding AFL-CIO heavy Bill George and Luisette Cabanas from Puerto Rico.

More as it develops…

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