Public Policy Polling did the worst in Pennsylvania, but that’s because they overestimated the African American and youth vote. I doubt they’ll do the same in Indiana.

In any event, it’s Clinton/Obama, 50/42.

More from the poll…

Her support is coming from the same groups that she usually does well with- women (54-39), whites (54-38), and older voters (55-36).

Obama’s strongest performances, as usual, are with black voters (73-21) and voters under 30 (50-40).

It’s not clear which candidate is benefiting more from Indiana’s open primary. Clinton has a one point lead with Republicans, but Obama is up 52-37 with those voters who don’t identify with either party.

Here are the full results (PDF).

Also of note, this is their first poll in Indiana.

Politics PPP: Hillary Leads By 8 In Indiana