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To GOP, Obama Has Won


They get it, so why not the Dems and the media?

From Politico:

Hillary Clinton’s decisive Pennsylvania primary win last week may have reinvigorated her campaign, but you wouldn’t know it from listening to the Republican party.

The National Republican Congressional Committee has purchased $500,000 in anti-Barack Obama ads for use in two upcoming special House elections. The Republican National Committee is flooding reporters with anti-Obama emails. Presumptive nominee John McCain and GOP surrogates have seized on new remarks by Obama’s controversial former pastor.

From top to bottom, from McCain down to the youthful campaign and party staffers who work nearly around the clock to get him elected, the working assumption seems to be that the Democratic contest is over and Obama has won.

It was over after she lost in 11 straight contests by large margins and didn’t pull off big wins in Texas and Ohio. But the media loves the “underdog” narrative, and so she’s “feisty” and “scrappy” and any other inane adjective they can think of.

FYI Dems…