This is the first time she has had a lead of more than 1 point since early March. The constant media barrage that Hillary can come back and Reverend Wright popping his head up yet again have really hurt him.

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Obama has had a rough few weeks in the campaign, with his widely publicized remarks about “bitter” voters, Clinton’s decisive win in the crucial Pennsylvania primary, and renewed media attention to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the controversial former pastor of Obama’s church, with Wright speaking out publicly this past week. Obama has also come under criticism from both Clinton and John McCain for opposing a proposal to suspend the federal gasoline tax during the summer months.

As a result, Obama has moved from a consistent lead over Clinton to a deficit. Obama has just a few days to reverse the tide going into next Tuesday’s Indiana and North Carolina primaries.

Definitely a tough stretch for Obama, but we’ve seen him bounce back before. And again, it’s Hillary who needs landslide victories in ALL of the remaining states to catch up.

Politics Gallup: Hillary Leads By 4