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Poll: Hillary Leads By 2 In North Carolina


Could she win the Tar Heel State? She’s was trailing by double digits in a previous poll, but now she’s leading 44/42 with 14 undecided. And as we’ve seen lately, undecideds break for Hill.

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“Our polling generally does not indicate the eventual compression of black voters that Obama usually enjoys just before Election Day. If that happens, my guess is that he will pull this out. However, this poll is clearly an indication of reaction to the latest statements by his former pastor; and it forces Sen. Obama to split resources between Indiana and North Carolina.

“If this white vote shift does not erode, given that North Carolina’s white Democratic voters are primarily in the Research Triangle, where education and personal finances are in the top tier for the nation, then I would say this suggests a major shift in all future primaries towards Clinton,” said Towery

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