It’s Clinton/Obama, 46/41 with 13% undecided at this point.

So while it’s likely she’ll win the state, it also appears that Obama will stay competitive and the delegate math will make this one a tie…

Eighty-two percent (82%) of Clinton voters say they are “certain” they will vote for her while 77% of Obama supporters say the same about their decision. Among supporters of each candidate, just 4% say there’s a good chance they will change their mind.

Clinton leads by nineteen percentage points among White voters. Obama leads 90% to 4% among African-Americans.

Obama leads among voters under 40 while Clinton has the edge among older voters. The former First Lady is especially strong among those over 65–she leads by a two-to-one margin among senior citizens.

The survey was conducted Tuesday night. That was after Obama’s denunciation of his former Pastor but before Hoosiers had a chance to see it in the morning newspapers.

More as it develops…

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