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10,000 A Day Early Voting In Indiana


And the 2008 total is apparently nearly double 2004’s.

From IndyStar:

With nearly twice as many Hoosiers voting early as did four years ago, officials say voters in Marion County are requesting Democratic ballots 3-to-1 over Republican ones so far.

Spurred by intense interest in the Democratic presidential race, more than 10,000 people per day have been casting early ballots this week across the state. The more than 113,000 votes counted through noon on Thursday easily surpassed the 57,000 absentee votes from the previous presidential primary, in 2004.

Marion County Clerk Beth White said the nearly 9,000 people who have voted early already outpace recent elections, and she expects it to pick up even more this weekend.

Again, is this extended primary season for the Dems really such a bad thing after all if this many Dems are being registered and actually showing up?