“My friends, I will have an energy policy that we will be talking about, which will eliminate our dependence on oil from the Middle East that will prevent us from having ever to send our young men and women into conflict again in the Middle East.”
– John McCain in a town hall meeting earlier today

He has since clarfied the statement and said he was referring to the first Gulf War.

Here’s his explanation…

“No, no, I was talking about that we had fought the Gulf War for several reasons,” McCain told reporters.

One reason was Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait, he said. “But also we didn’t want him to have control over the oil, and that part of the world is critical to us because of our dependency on foreign oil, and it’s more important than any other part of the world,” he said.

“If the word `again’ was misconstrued, I want us to remove our dependency on foreign oil for national security reasons, and that’s all I mean,” McCain said.

I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment that we need to ween ourselves from the foreign oil trough, but will he be willing to go that extra mile and invest billions into home grown solutions? Let’s hope so.

Concerning the clarification, I’ll take him at his word, but it was certainly confusing given our current situation. Also, given his recent misstatements on Iraq he’d better stay more on message if he wants to be known as the wisest voice on the subject.

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