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41.4% ID As Dems, 31.4% As Repubs


And 27.2% say they’re Indys, which shows once again that a viable 3rd party candidate could easily take at least 20% of the electorate with him or her.

In any event, here are some demographic breakdowns:

  • Women: 45% Dem, 30% Repub, 25% Indy
  • Men: 37% Dem, 33% Repub, 30% Indy
  • Whites: 37% Repub, 35% Dem, 28% Indy
  • Under 30: 40% Dem, 32% Indy, 28% Repub
  • Less Than $60K: 45% Dem, 28% Indy, 27% Repub

The Repubs have to be extremely concerned that they’re slipping this far behind with these key demos.

They should also be extremely thankful that McCain is their nominee because he’s the only guy out of that Repub field who has any chance of pulling enough Dems away to make the general election competitive. Still, it’s going to be an uphill battle with a gap as wide as this.

Of note, it’s been years since any party has cracked the 40% threshold.

Rasmussen has more details if you’re curious.