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Gallup: Clinton and Obama Tied Again


She was ahead by 4 a couple days ago, but now it’s neck and neck yet again. Undecideds remain around 6% to 7%, depending on the day.

More details…about Guam’s significance…

There has been no evidence of significant momentum for either candidate since Obama’s lead in early April collapsed following Clinton’s victory in the April 22 Pennsylvania primary and amidst renewed controversy over Obama’s association with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. However, that could change if the next wave of upcoming primaries delivers any major surprises or otherwise clarifies whether Clinton or Obama is the stronger candidate.

The four delegates chosen Saturday in Guam’s Democratic caucuses aren’t important to either candidate’s delegate count. However, the fact that both campaigns are committing resources to this tiny election — and that the national media is providing unprecedented coverage of it — suggests the winner of this U.S. territory will be able to claim some limited bragging rights leading into Tuesday’s major primaries in North Carolina and Indiana.

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