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Rasmussen: Obama Leads By 12 In Oregon


It’s Obama/Clinton, 51/39.

Here are the details…

Clinton has a statistically insignificant lead among senior citizens while Obama leads among younger voters. Obama does best among upper income voters while Clinton’s strongest support comes from those who earn less than $40,000 annually.

Obama is viewed favorably by 78% of the state’s Likely Primary Voters, Clinton by 71%. Fifty percent (50%) of Obama voters have a favorable opinion of Clinton while 56% of Clinton voters hold a positive view of Obama.

A lot of attention will be shifting to the Beaver State after next Tuesday because it’ll likely be the only one Obama has a chance of winning next. Kentucky and West Virginia are in the bag for Hillary in the same way Mississippi went for Obama. So if she can close the gap in Oregon, expect the media to make a lot of hay about it.

More as it develops…