IRON MAN is here people, brace yourself for the wave of comic book characters. Robert Downey Jr. Gets it.

Have you been by the AMC Cinerama the past few days? You may have noticed the IRON MAN sign on the marquee. No? Well maybe you noticed the line of people waiting to see the blockbuster over an hour prior to the movie start time. My guess is this took place in many theaters this weekend.

Tonight, I too went to the movies to see IRON MAN. I went in with very little expectations and what I got was a pretty good movie. IRON MAN was one of my favorite Marvel characters growing up. I had him right behind DAREDEVIL which in my opinion got totally screwed in the box office. Yeah, DD as a movie sucked. I’m happy to say the IRON MAN did fairly well in action and plot. My only problem was the bad guys were too one dimensional. Yeah, I know it’s a comic book character but people need to realize that character development is…aw…I was about to break the movie down and all I really wanted to do is give you my list of my top ten comic book movies.

From Best to Worst:
1. Batman Begins

2. Spider-Man

3. Hell Boy

4. Iron Man

5. Blade

6. V for Vendetta

7. Superman the Movie

8. X-Men

9. Batman

10. Spider-Man 2

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