It’s Obama/Clinton, 48/39. Yesterday it was 46/37.

So both Hillary and Barack added 2 since yesterday as the “someone else” category shrunk by 3 to 5% and 1% undecideds made up their mind for a new 8%.

Here’s more on NC:

Obama leads by 16 points among voters age 35-54, the largest age grouping in the survey. The candidates are tied among those aged 55 to 69, another large grouping.

Clinton leads in the more rural western area of North Carolina, and in the east. Obama holds a 60% to 31% lead among voters in the so-called research triangle including Raleigh-Durham.

Clinton leads among whites, 56% to 33%, while Obama leads among African Americans, 78% to 6%. African American voters in North Carolina comprise about one-third of the electorate.

Among men, Obama retained a slim 47% to 42% lead over Clinton, and he continues to lead among women as well – winning 48% support to Clinton’s 37% backing, largely on the strength of support for Obama among African American women.

As for Indiana, it’s little changed. He nows leads by a statistically insignificant 43% to 41%, with leaves a big 16% remaining undecided or voting for somebody else.

More tomorrow.

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