Sully’s scared she’ll damage him too much.

I have a similar concerns, but is choosing her for Veep really the way to go?

From TimesOnline:

It is for many in the Obama camp an unthinkable thought. But politics is sometimes the art of adjusting today to what seemed inconceivable yesterday. I’m talking about the possibility — and the powerful logic — of a unity Obama-Clinton ticket for the Democrats.

I never thought I’d even consider it; but times change; politics shifts, and in the roiling flux of this American campaign, a bold unifying gesture could make the Democratic ticket — and an Obama presidency — unstoppable almost overnight. It’s still highly unlikely, but so was JF Kennedy running with Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Reagan running with the first George Bush.

The rationale for a fusion ticket is the same as for any grand political compromise. Very few people in Washington believe that Barack Obama can now be denied the Democratic nomination. Even after the past month, as Hillary Clinton has hung in there, as the scandal about Jeremiah Wright (Obama’s firebrand cleric) scandal has battered the post-racial Obama brand, and as white Reagan Democrats have proven resistant to a new young black freshman senator, Obama has actually increased his number of delegates. Clinton simply cannot overcome the edge he built up in February and March, however cruel his April turned out to be. And the superdelegates — who will ultimately decide — have also been slowly trending his way.

I think Sullivan’s points about JFK picking LBJ and Reagan picking the elder Bush are good ones, but if Obama picked Clinton I’d be so much more inclined to NOT vote for him.

But while a move like that would really disappoint me, given the political realities of the day, well, I might be able to live with it…and I want to stress that might. It’s not a sure thing for me.

However, what would make it much more palatable is if Hillary and Bill atoned for their behavior on the campaign trail. Seriously. I want to hear some apologies. Otherwise I’d find it extremely hard to vote for the “dream ticket.”

What about you?

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