Looks like Hillary Clinton is trying to ride her support of a gas tax holiday to victory. She has now released an ad attacking Barack Obama for opposing the plan. I guess when you’re behind, pandering is the best option. But this doesn’t do much to bolster her claim that her experience is what matters. I guess her experience doesn’t include the wisdom to listen to the 200 economists who say her plan is a bad idea.

This is one of the few major policy differences between Clinton and Obama. Most of their other disagreements are matters of nuance or degree. If voters want to decide on substantive policy matters, then Obama has pulled ahead with his principled stand. Of course, “principled” and “good politics” don’t always go hand-in-hand. It remains to be seen if Obama is rewarded for his forthrightness or whether it will hurt him (or whether, in the end, matters like Rev. Wright end up being more important to voters than gas tax policy).

Science/Environment Clinton Attacks Obama on Gas Tax