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How Bad Is It For Hillary?


The New York Times has a delegate scorecard thingamajig and I’m going to play out a few scenarios here.

First, let’s say Hillary and Obama split the remaining pledged delegates. What % of the supers would she need?

Think 73% is possible? If so, I have a bridge you might be interested in buying…

Okay, so let’s say Hill actually has momentum and starts beating Obama by 10% in every contest from here on out.

So she would still need to beat him nearly 2 to 1 in super pickups, and post Pennsylvania he has 21 to her 11. Hardly encouraging.

Okay, last scenario. What % of the pledged delegates would she have to get to merely trade superdelegate endorsements with Barack?

That’s right folks…she would have to beat Obama by 30% in every primary from here on out.

So if you ever wonder why people are calling for her to drop out of the race, remember this post.