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No End In Sight


Given the math, the realities of a tough fight with a seasoned “maverick” candidate and other unknowns that general elections can bring, these are a hilarious couple of lines from The New Yorker:

[…] her campaign seems to have entered a new, almost mystical phase, in which the number of votes received or delegates pledged no longer matters. “We don’t think this is just going to be about some numerical metric,” Geoff Garin, one of her chief strategists, recently told the Washington Post.

Hahahaha! I love this guy! He may just turn out to be more entertaining than Mark Penn, and that’s saying something.

Listen, I’ll be the first one to give Clinton the “spirit” award if she’ll bow out now. She can have that. It’s hers. But Geoff, don’t make yourself look so clueless and tell us that the numbers don’t matter in the first election where George W. Bush isn’t running.

Ahh politics…