Obama cut into her lead, but not enough to fully close the gap. Still, he went from 8 points down to 5, making the contest Clinton/Obama, 51/46.

The details… (pdf)

Clinton led a similar poll last week 50-42. The main movement since then comes from Obama shoring up his support with black voters. Last week he led 73-21 with them, now the tally is 81-13.

Indiana’s open primary is working to Obama’s benefit. While he has a ten point deficit with voters who described themselves as Democrats, he leads 48-45 with Republicans and 52-39 with voters who don’t identify with either political party.

“Hillary Clinton is probably going to win Indiana,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “But more than likely it will be by a smaller margin than the one Obama wins by in North Carolina, which means the nomination will be just two states closer to Obama’s hands. Clinton is not likely to make it out of the day with a net gain in delegates.”

Will Public Policy Polling redeem themselves from an awful showing in Pennsylvania?

Will Hillary be able to pull out a win in Indiana?

Tune in tomorrow, as we’ll be blogging the results as they come in.

Politics Public Policy Polling: Hillary Leads By 5 In Indiana