If she can win by double digits in Indiana, it’s significant.

The details…

24 hours till votes are counted in the Indiana Democratic Primary, Hillary Clinton defeats Barack Obama in the symbolically important popular vote, and possibly by enough to pick up more than a trivial number of net Convention delegates, according to SurveyUSA’s final pre-primary tracking poll conducted for WCPO-TV Cincinnati and WHAS-TV Louisville.

In 4 tracking polls over the past 5 weeks, Clinton has never polled lower than 52%, Obama has never polled higher than 43%. At the wire, they finish: Clinton 54%, Obama 42%.

Among males, the two have been tied in 3 of the 4 tracking polls.

Among females, Clinton has always led by at least 14, and finishes ahead by 22.

Among Republicans and Independents, the two are effectively tied.

Among Democrats, Clinton finishes ahead by 19.

Because these numbers have been so consistent, my guess is that they’re off and that the race is steady. I still expect Clinton to win, probably by 5 points.

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