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USA Today/Gallup: Hillary Has 7 Point National Lead, But…


Why? Well because USA Today’s poll has a much smaller sample size that Gallup’s daily, which shows Obama ahead by 4. So this one should be taken with a grain of salt.

Still, here are The details…

The erosion of support among Democrats and independents raises the stakes in Tuesday’s Indiana and North Carolina primaries, which represent a chance for Obama to reassert his claim to a Democratic nomination that seems nearly in his grasp. A defeat in Indiana and a close finish in North Carolina, where he’s favored, could fuel unease about his ability to win in November. Such results also could help propel Hillary Rodham Clinton’s uphill campaign all the way to the Democratic convention in August.

In the USA TODAY survey, taken Thursday through Saturday, Clinton leads Obama among Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents by 7 percentage points, the first time in three months she has been ahead. Two weeks ago, before the controversy over comments by Jeremiah Wright reignited, Obama led by 10 points.

So Wright has potentially hurt Obama? No big news there.

Seriously, if they’re going to do bigger polls, they should have a bigger sample size than just over 500 people. Because that puts the margin or error at +/- 5%, and who’s going to trust that?

Moving on…