This is amazing. They’ve literally changed the total needed to win. So anybody who comes to her “Delegate Hub” website will think that 2,208 is what Obama has to get, not 2,025.

Here’s a screenshot, with the delegate part highlighted…

Again, there’s NO mention of the race to reach 2,025 delegates. Why? Because they know they’ve already lost that race.

So then, what do they have to say for themselves?

Wash Times has more…

“That’s what we believe is the standard for deciding this — who has the majority of the total delegates including Michigan and Florida to decide the nomination,” said Clinton strategist Geoff Garin.

It certainly is nice to believe things, isn’t it?

So then, what do members of the DNC think about it?

And my guess is Katz isn’t alone. Hillary and company are trying to completely invalidate their existence, and I don’t think they’ll take that lying down.

And speaking of lying…let me just say for record that posting the total delegates needed as 2,208 isn’t just spin…it’s a lie. Pure and simple.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

Politics Hillary Camp Tries To Change Total Delegates Needed