That from Sam Stein…

n Indiana, despite the fact that the numbers portend a Clinton win, Obama is viewed as the nominee best able to win the White House, by a margin of 50 to 47 percent. In North Carolina, according to CNN, that divide is even more pronounced: “voters gave the edge to Barack Obama: 54 percent thought he was more likely to win in November, while 40 percent chose Clinton.”

He’s also seen as more honesty…

There are other telling signs. Forty-five percent of Indiana Democratic primary goers said Clinton was dishonest, versus thirty-three percent for Obama. Sixty-six percent said Obama shared their values. Sixty-three percent had the same opinion of Clinton. That spread was even greater in North Carolina, where 69 percent said Obama shared their values compared to 61 percent for Clinton.

So why did he lose in Indiana? Why would people say he’s the most electable, but not vote for him.


Politics Obama Seen As Most Electable In North Carolina, Indiana