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Obama Wins Easily In North Carolina


In fact, it’s looking like the double digit victory he apparently needed to prove he had moved past the Reverend Wright controversy.

This from Drudge…

FLASH: It looks like Hillary’s last, best chance of closing delegate gap is slipping away tonight. With clock running out on her, if she couldn’t make up ground this week, it’s impossible to imagine scenario where she could… MORE…

Now, we’ve been saying this since after Texas and Ohio, but it’s nice to see that the broader media is finally catching on.

Obviously if this the exit polls are wrong I will eat these words, but late indicators were giving Obama an easy win tonight, so I’m fairly confident that’s what we’ll see.

More as it develops…

MSNBC calls it. He won. What the margin is isn’t clear yet, but it’s probably big if they called it right as the poll closed.