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Record Turnout In North Carolina


As with every single contest in the Democratic nomination contest this year. One can’t help but think this is putting the Republicans at a distinct disadvantage this fall.

From Charlotte Observer:

A heavy turnout was reported this morning at some polling places across North Carolina in the state’s first significant presidential primary election in two decades.

Longtime N.C. political observers say that 1.5 million voters may participate in the historic Democratic primary — the first in which a woman, Hillary Clinton, or an African American, Barack Obama, will represent the party.

A half-million more voters could participate in the Republican primary. John McCain — who campaigned in Charlotte on Monday — is the party’s presumptive nominee for president, but state races will attract GOP voters.

Voters in the Democratic primary are triple those in the Republican contest? Wow.

And a note on “unaffiliated” voters…

Gary Bartlett, director of the State Board of Elections, said late this morning that 85 percent of the “unaffiliated” voters had selected a Democratic ballot.

Could these be true crossovers?

We’ll know more tonight, and I’ll be blogging it all.