That’s the news from the Indy Star today.

Note the difference between these two voters…

“I’m a hardcore Republican,” she said, “but it’s about who I wanted in second place in case McCain doesn’t make it. … I don’t like the way this country’s been run in the last 20 years. I’m sick of the dynasty (of two families) that’s been running things.”

Ward-Bopp voted for the Democrat she liked, but Jim Adams, 36, voted for Hillary Clinton to keep the race going beyond Indiana. He’s a McCain backer and enjoys watching the Democrats fight.

Haha, looks like there’s definitely some Dittoheads out there trying to meddle.

And like North Carolina, they’re seeing record turnout as well…

Voters came out today and they kept coming.

At the Children’s Museum polling place on the Northside, voters were waiting when the doors opened at 6 a.m.

More voters have turned out in the first half hour than usually turn out in a half day, said Democrat precinct committeeman Cordelia Lewis-Burkes.

More as it develops…

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