Yesterday it was Obama/Clinton, 44/42. Today it’s Obama/Clinton, 45/43.

This is a tight one, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary pulls out the victory tonight given that this poll still shows 12% undecided.

The details…

The overall Obama advantage in Indiana—though statistically insignificant—comes after another strong day of polling Monday. The one-day total, which comprises about half of the two-day tracking poll sample, saw Obama winning 47% support to Clinton’s 41%. Monday’s polling results are combined with Sunday’s numbers to produce the two-day tracking poll.

Among Indiana Catholics, Obama holds a three-point lead, while Clinton holds a similarly small edge among Protestants.

Clinton leads among white voters, 48% to 40%, with 12% left unsure or supporting someone else. Among African Americans in the Hoosier state, Obama leads by an 82% to 13% edge over Clinton, going a long way to boost Obama statewide. African American voters in the Democratic primary comprise about 11% of the electorate.

Obviously, though, if Obama can pull off a win here it’s all but over for Clinton. Sure, she can keep going because it’s all but certain she’ll win West Virginia and Kentucky, but it would be futile.

Politics Zogby: Obama Still Leads By 2 In Indiana