I’m a political junkie, I admit it. I don’t think there’s a cure. But if there were a 12-step program, it’d look something like the Democratic primary race. Good God, is this thing over yet? I really don’t know how many more election returns I can watch. Even the talking heads at CNN and MSNBC are looking bored. I don’t think John King even likes his fancy touch-screen anymore. Keith Olbermann isn’t even able to amuse himself. It’s sad.

Despite all the talk about this being a bitter contest between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the problem is that it’s been far too vanilla. The candidate’s fights have been over petty matters because there’s only one substantive policy difference between them – the gas tax. So we’ve slogged through months of each candidate trying to grab a tiny bit more of the other’s supporters – not with bold ideas or vicious attacks but with tiny maneuvers and premeditated slights.

Those of us who talk about this kind of thing, have generally been left to play “watch the polls” or comment endlessly on issues secondary to how these candidates would actually run the country. Rev. Wright or the “Bosnia incident” may tell us something about Obama’s and Clinton’s inner workings but they tell us little about how they’ll actually pay for their healthcare plans during a stagnating economy.

They both say “raise taxes on the rich and the oil companies and end the war.” O.k., but will that actually work? John McCain is proposing alternatives but the media has marginalized his voice so they can cover the Democratic horserace. I’m ready for us to move on to the general election so we can actually have opposing views on issues instead of the exact same views couched either in “I have the experience” or “I have the hope” rhetoric.

Maybe last night will help bring this thing to an end. I’m ready for it.

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