The money game is starting to get hairy for her. Earlier this year she loaned her campaign $5 million, and now this latest brings her close to $12 million total. That’s not anywhere close to Romney’s $35 million bust, but we’re not talking about chicken feed here.

From TPM comes this from Hillary spokesperson Howard Wolfson:

“Senator Clinton gave the campaign a $5 million loan on April 11th, a $1 million lona on May 1st, and a $425,000 loan on May 5th,” Wolfson said, adding that she’d lent the campaign the money to keep pace with Obama’s spending on TV in Pennsylvania, Indiana and North Carolina.

“The loans are a sign of Senator Clinton’s commitment to the race, to continuing the process, and to continuing to be competitive with Senator Obama on television and in other areas,” Wolfson said.

In addition, Wolfson said that she’s ready to loan herself more money.

My opinion? That’s unlikely. She’ll rack up these two wins in West Virginia and Kentucky with minimal expenditures, cut a deal with Obama to take care of her debt and then bow out after Obama takes Oregon handily.

Business Hillary Loaned $6.4 Million To Her Campaign