Yes, I definitely want to hear your picks and explanations for why. I’ll start…

If I were to guess, McCain is going to pick somebody younger (not that that’s going to be tough) and with gubernatorial experience. Many have said Tim Pawlenty, and I think he’s a good pick, but is he old enough at 47? Especially if McCain is going to hammer Obama on experience? And let’s not even get into Bobby Jindal, okay?

Mitt Romney is definitely on the radar, but I think he’s too much of a stuffed shirt and doesn’t really bring enough new economic thinking to the Republican party. The venture capital model? Been there, done that.

That leaves guys like Charlie Crist, who looks like he just stepped out of a Coppertone ad. But Crist would nearly solidify Florida for the Republicans, and they know they have to take that if Obama’s going to change up the electoral map and maybe deliver Colorado and Virginia in this election cycle.

Going outside the governor-o-sphere…obviously there’s Joe Lieberman, but he has proven to be a completely uninspiring VP pick before…but the idea of a unity ticket could trump Obama’s unity message, so don’t discount it quite yet.

Wild card? Tom Ridge. He’s an Pennsylvania guy, he has a TON of local and national political experience and he was reportedly Colin Powell’s choice for Secretary of Defense, with Donald Rumsfeld eventually getting the job. Yeah, sure, the terror alert thing was a bust, but Ridge has talked candidly about it after he left the DHS and so he could be one to watch.

Again, consider this an open thread.

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