The 2,025 number has been THE finish line since the beginning of the campaign. Not until the Clinton camp started to see their imminent demise did they start to make the argument that the “real” number is actually 2,209…which would include delegates from Florida and Michigan.

From Politico:

The Obama campaign agrees with the Democratic National Committee, which pegs a winning majority at 2,025 pledged delegates and superdelegates—a figure that excludes the penalized Florida and Michigan delegations. The Clinton campaign, on the other hand, insists the winner will need 2,209 to cinch the nomination—a tally that includes Florida and Michigan.

“We don’t accept 2,025. It is not the real number because that does not include Florida and Michigan,” said Howard Wolfson, one of Clinton’s two chief strategists. “It’s a phony number.”

Wolfson said they intend to contest the DNC’s 2,025 number “every day,” as well as any declaration of victory made by Obama based upon that number, because it does not include Florida and Michigan.

I would have a different opinion of the value of their argument if she had said this from day one; that Michigan and Florida needed to be seated. That doesn’t mean I’d necessarily agree with it, but if she had said it before Iowa, I would have at least believed that she wasn’t trying to change the rules midstream. But she didn’t, and this latest ploy is beyond shameful.

In other words, theirs is turning into a phony campaign built on phony arguments delivered from phony partisans who will do or say anything to win.

Politics According To Clinton Camp, 2,025 Is "A Phony Number"