Some have been saying Obama supporters are being paranoid about Clinton not dropping out.

Well, here’s the latest campaign email, sent out by Bill Clinton (emphasis added by the campaign):

Dear Justin,

I want to tell you about the day I had on Monday. I stopped in nine towns throughout North Carolina, starting the day at 7:30 a.m. in Elizabeth City and ending with a rally in Raleigh. That’s the most stops I’ve ever done in a single day — for any campaign. And I couldn’t be happier to work that hard for Hillary.

I talked to a lot of people that day, and one thing was crystal clear — people want Hillary to stay in this race until every last voter has a say. That’s why Hillary and I are working so hard. That’s why we’ve made a deep commitment to keep campaigning, keep fighting, and keep winning.

We have had a lot of success in this campaign, and our come-from-behind victory in Indiana is the latest example of how Hillary wins when she has your support behind her. As long as you share her commitment to winning, this race is going to continue.

Our next test is just five days away in West Virginia. Hillary needs your help right now to keep winning.

Contribute now to help us show the strength of our campaign.

I know something about coming back to win after you’ve been counted out. So does Hillary. Over the course of this campaign, the pundits have tried to declare a premature end to the race dozens of times.

Well, last time I checked, it’s still up to the voters. And there are a lot of voters who haven’t had their say yet.

It’s up to us to make sure that the voters in West Virginia and the other states yet to come are given a choice. I urge you to act now to help Hillary keep fighting.

Show your support by making a contribution today.

I wish I could talk to every last person who has worked so hard for Hillary to thank you for everything you’ve done for her. You mean so much to both of us. She’s still in this thing because of your hard work and your indomitable spirit.

Bill Clinton

Now, I don’t know what “Crystal Clear” means to those of you who are saying Obama supporters have some sort of “Clinton Derangement Syndrome,” but between emails like this and Clinton’s “Whites like me better” comments, what exactly are voters on either side supposed to think?

Folks, these are “clear” signals. I thought she’d do the right thing and begin to signal that she’d drop out after Kentucky, but now I think she’s going to keep it going. Not only that, she’ll continue to attack Obama’s electability, even though he’s 20 runs up in the bottom of the ninth with two outs.

And yes, it’s certainly her right to keep going, but come on people…she’s over $20 million in debt. Does it make ANY sense to keep going at this point?

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