How about a fun, completely unsubstantiated rumor for Thursday to keep you going until the weekend?

It’s going around the streets of Seattle like wildfire that Johnny Depp is going to buy the old Crocodile Cafe and make it much, much cooler (and hotter) than it ever was before. This is from several unreliable sources, some of whom were at least partially inebriated at the time of bean-spillage. It’s a juicy one though, and Seattle would LOVE it to be true, am I right? Enjoy.

While you’re here, why not take a look at the great events happening in the area tonight? A few of my suggestions:

Urban Art Festival Benefit: Music, art, and live body painting in Tacoma (Thursday)

Seattle Fashion Group International Spring Fling: Cocktails, hors-d’oeuvres, and fashion

Minus the Bear: Smart compositions with flowing guitar over electronica from loved locals at the Showbox at the Market

Booty Call: It’s not what you’re thinking, or want to be thinking, anyway. Join Awggie, the Mendicants, Ben Shelton, and Lloyd Tatum as they tear up the dance floor at Contour, and then just keep on dancin’ for afterhours with the Lovevirus and Von Dewey.

Get busy, Seattle! The weekend is upon us! And you might just bump into Johnny wandering around Belltown.

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