They say Obama has 267 and Clinton has 265.

See, this is the problem with the DNC not having an official tally, because all of these news organizations have different counts.

Here’s their reasoning…

Every news organization’s superdelegate count is a little different because it is an imperfect science. Since October 2007, the Political Unit has continuously reached out to the nearly 800 superdelegates to determine their candidate preference. We also reach out regularly to the Obama and Clinton campaigns for their superdelegate lists and work to confirm any that they include on their lists.

Seriously, check out how wide the discrepancies are.

Obama – 267
Clinton – 265

New York Times
Clinton – 263
Obama – 258

Clinton – 268.5
Obama – 260

Clinton – 271
Obama – 261

Clinton – 268
Obama – 258

Clinton – 274
Obama – 260

Clinton – 271
Obama – 256

Our total right now is Clinton – 273.5, Obama – 264…which corresponds with NONE of these. However, if you take all of these, add them together (including subtracting 2 for Obama’s lead), guess what you get? An average of 8.6. Our margin is 9.5. That doesn’t necessarily make us right, but we’re closeish.

I’ll stick by mine for the time being until these folks figure something else out.

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