Edward Kennedy has said that it’s unlikely Barack Obama would pick Hillary Clinton as a running mate. These statements will air this weekend as part of an interview on Bloomberg Television.

I think it’s highly unlikely Kennedy would make such statements on his own. This sounds like a coordinated effort by the Obama campaign to manage expectations.

In my mind, the so-called “dream ticket” has only ever worked with Clinton in front and Obama as the number two. He’d have given her the energy and charisma she herself often lacks. But, since it’s going to be Obama headlining the ticket, he doesn’t want to be saddled with a politician who comes with such high negative ratings and is married to a former president whose influence would be difficult to manage. Plus, Obama needs someone with serious experience. Despite her claims, Clinton is pretty green. Obama would do better with a Joe Biden or a Bill Richardson type.

Hillary Clinton might want the VP spot but I’d be surprised to see her get it.

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