This comes from a story about the 1,200 pieces of opposition research they had on Hillary:

By the way, to put the RNC’s opposition research effort into context, I’m told the dossier on Senator Obama is 1,000 pages in length and that Republican researchers spent a few weeks in Chicago recently collecting information on Obama’s ties to the Weather Underground and separately to Tony Rezko (who is currently on trial for federal corruption charges).

Also from the story, Ken Starr was apparently really close to indicting Clinton over Whitewater because they thought she lied to federal prosecutors. Eventually they didn’t, but the special prosecutor after Starr, Robert Rary, noted…

But the report also said statements by the Clintons to investigators were “factually inaccurate” and that White House delays in the production of evidence and the “unmeritorious litigation” by its lawyers “severely impeded the investigation’s progress.”


Politics RNC Has 1,000 Pages Of Opposition On Obama