How do I know this?

Because there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY he’d be saying that he thinks a “dream ticket” would be a good idea if it wasn’t part of the Clinton’s strategy. Trust me on this. I’ve been following this guy for years and know somebody who used to work with him at the DNC. He is as partisan and carefully constructed as they come in the political world.

Here’s a partial transcript from a Sirius radio show provided to TPM:

TERRY MCAULIFFE: Well first of all, as you know Mark, both of them, both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are themselves going to have to decide who they think is going to be their best Vice President. For the rest of us it’s speculation and presumption and all that.

I’m just — I’ll put on my former chairman of the Democratic Party hat — I think it’s a great idea at the end of this process for us all to be together…

I do get excited about the possibility of having Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton crisscrossing this country in the fall of 2008. I think that would be pretty exciting. But I have absolutely no say in it. Hillary Clinton and I have never talked about it. But as former chairman of the party it does get you somewhat excited.

Lie –> “Hillary Clinton and I have never talked about it.”

Pfft…who’s he kidding? Of course they’ve talked about it. They talk about everything. Again, this is one of the Clinton’s biggest fundraisers and closest friends. You really think he’d be going around talking about the VP slot if this wasn’t part of the strategy? I do not buy that for one second.

No, this is an idea being floated out there, and we’ll see it floated more and more by Clinton surrogates in the coming days. They’ll talk about how awesome a “unity” or “dream” ticket would be.

Just wait. You’ll see.

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