So I am all about new music, often claiming that there are not enough hours in the day to take in all the innovative sounds I crave. So here’s a new one for you: Blake/e/e/e (pronounced ‘Blakey’) plays tonight at the Comet Tavern on Capitol Hill.

Their sound is described as “experimental gospel dub“. Now I do like dub, that’s for sure, but music labeled “experimental” usually keeps me away. It is too wandering, too spacey, it goes too far and seldom comes back. Experimental music seems to be more about the artist(s) and less about the audience; an ego-stroke on brilliance that disregards the ears and minds of the crowd. Most people feel the same ways as me: they know what they like in music and especially what they don’t like. But then there’s that open mind we all aspire to possess.

Ah, keeping an open mind: refreshing to say, a hell of a lot harder to commit to action. But I am going to check out Blake/e/e/e; who knows? It was less than a year ago that I had never heard of glitch and now I practically have “I LOVE GLITCH” tattooed across my forehead. I urge you to check out some unheard, weird new music every week, or at least once a month; maybe you will end up with ‘I LOVE EXPERIMENTAL GOSPEL DUB’ on your chest. With art, anything is possible.

Community Blake/e/e/e at the Comet Tavern: New Music Experiment