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82% Think America Is On The Wrong Track


From ABC:

Eighty-two percent of Americans now say the country’s seriously off on the wrong track, up 10 points in the last year to a point from its record high in polls since 1973. And 31 percent approve of Bush’s job performance overall, while 66 percent disapprove.

The country’s mood — and the president’s ratings — are suffering from the double whammy of an unpopular war and a faltering economy.

Consistently for the last year, nearly two-thirds of Americans have said the war in Iraq was not worth fighting. And consumer confidence is near its lowest in weekly ABC News polls since late 1985.

I have to wonder why people can approve of the job Bush doing but don’t approve of the track we’re on. How is that possible?

This could be why…

These views remain highly partisan: Sixty-nine percent of Republicans approve of Bush’s job performance, while just 9 percent of Democrats agree. His ratings, on average, have been more partisan than any president’s since ABC and the Post began polling in 1981.

The swing group, as usual, is the third of Americans who define themselves as independents. Just 24 percent approve of the president’s work, a career low.

McCain will really have to distance himself from this guy to win the general election with such intense anti-Bush sentiment, but how can he when he’s adopting so many similar policies? Because while McCain might have the brand of a “maverick”, if he keeps throwing out policy proposals that sound like they’re coming from Bush, he can kiss the election goodbye.