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Clinton Holding $20 Million In Debt


I had speculated earlier that this total could be as much as $27M, but it looks like the campaign is suggesting it’s not as bad as it could be.

From Washington Post:

Clinton aides continued to insist that she will remain in the race even while confirming that she is $20 million in debt. “The voters are going to decide this,” senior adviser Howard Wolfson said on “Fox News Sunday,” acknowledging the $20 million figure. “There is no reason for her not to continue this process.” Wolfson said he has seen “no evidence of her interest” in pursuing the second-place spot on the Democratic ticket, contrary to rumors that she is staying in the race to leverage a bid for the vice presidential nomination.

This is the time in a campaign where everything you hear campaign surrogates say sounds like BS. “The voters are going to decide this”, “There is no reason for her not to continue this process.” Please…there are $20 million reasons and the voters have already decided. Sure, it’s close, but she ain’t catching up folks.

Moving on…