Looks like John McCain is having some fundraising problems. He’s not getting the kinds of money from Big Business that George Bush did and he’s even had trouble in Texas, typically a cash cow for Republicans. In fact, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have raised more money in Texas than has McCain. Although, conceivably, that’s because their Lone Star primary was so hotly contested.

I expect McCain’s fundraising to heat up once the general election gets into gear. His visibility has suffered while the media has fixated on the Obama/Clinton contest. But I also expect fundraising may be a continual problem for McCain. He isn’t exceptionally appealing to the Republican base who, of course, are the most active donors. But, perhaps even more ominous, he does poorly with low-dollar donors … you know, the types of average Americans who fuel Barack Obama’s campaign.

Money does not equal victory. But it sure as heck helps. McCain will need to find more creative ways to bring in donations. And McCain’s rank-and-file supporters will eventually have to get on board with the small donation trend if they want their candidate to be able to make media buys on par with the kinds of large buys Obama will likely be able to make.

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