For the next couple weeks he’ll be talking about how we can address these problems.

And maybe in a sign of how progressive McCain seems to be on the environment, the Sierra Club says they may not endorse anybody in 2008.

From WSJ:

In a sign of Sen. McCain’s potential appeal to environmentally conscious voters, a top official at the Sierra Club, one of the nation’s most influential environmental groups, said the group might not endorse any candidate for president. The group endorsed Democrats in six of the past seven presidential elections; it declined to endorse a candidate in 1988.


“He’s certainly better than Bush, and … the average Republican senator” on environmental matters, but “dramatically worse than the average Republican governor,” Carl Pope, executive director of the Sierra Club, said in an interview.

The biggest difference between McCain and Obama? McCain favors massive investment in nuclear energy and Obama favors massive investment into green tech that doesn’t produce massive amounts of nuclear waste, like wind turbines. And while I’m not opposed to nuclear energy, I also know it’s going to cost hundreds of billions and take a LONG time to get running, so I’d rather start investing in wind to help lower greenhouse gases immediately.

To close, here’s an ad McCain is putting up in Oregon on his environmental policy.

I think the “high taxes and crippling regulations” line will come back to haunt McCain because he’s going to have to do something to pay for his nuclear plants. As mentioned, they’re incredibly expensive and we wouldn’t see any dividends until a decade after they’re first started.

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