The NYTimes op-ed pages, via CSIS’s Edward Luttwack, promoted a new type of Obama Islam smear: that because Obama was once a Muslim he is going to get killed by Muslims for being an apostate.

I have a response to this at Huffington Post.

Just one part:

First of all, under orthodox Islamic law, the punishment for apostasy can only be carried out by the state. Luttwack, with his facile understanding of Sharia, clearly doesn’t understand this. The clerics Luttwack is talking about can’t just stroll up to Obama and stick him in the sand. They have to go through the established procedural norms of Islamic criminal law which is inherently tied to the functioning of a state apparatus. This means that a country like Saudi Arabia or Iran or Pakistan would have to indict Obama on apostasy charges in their courts. Obviously this is not going to happen, because none of these countries have jurisdiction over Obama. Not only is it asinine for any of these countries to make such an indictment, it doesn’t make sense under international law — which, in case Mr. Luttwack has forgotten, is what the world is suppose to abide by. Luttwack’s affirmation of Islamic law over and above international law should raise concerns, not only about his expertise, but also his allegiances.

Read the whole thing.

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