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Obama "Disses Boomers"?


Obama said this today in West Virginia…

One of the saddest episodes in our history was the degree to which returning vets from Vietnam were shunned, demonized and neglected by some because they served in an unpopular war. Too many of those who opposed the war in Vietnam chose to blame not only the leaders who ordered the mission, but the young men who simply answered their country’s call. Four decades later, the sting of that injustice is a wound that has never fully healed, and one that should never be repeated.

Jeralyn of TalkLeft claims Obama is dissing boomers who opposed the Vietnam war and says the following:

In other words, Obama intends to battle the war-hero McCain by throwing us under the bus. […]

The saddest part of the history of the Vietnam war is that our young men died in it. Another war that never should have been fought. Like Iraq. And what does Obama do? Rather than drawing that connection, he calls out the poor actions of a minority of war protesters 40 years ago in his effort to score political points as a patriot with W. Va. voters, much like John McCain.

Obama was simply pointing out that some anti-war sentiment was targeted at soldiers when they returned home for Vietnam and that it should never happen again. And given that he has said Iraq was never a just war, I don’t see how somebody like Jeralyn can credibly say he’s dissing anybody. He’s putting a cautionary tale out there, and that’s it.

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