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Democratic Popular Vote Totals


With Florida and Michigan…and Iowa and Nevada and Maine and Washington.

That’s right…because if you’re going to count popular votes from states that really shouldn’t count, then why not include popular vote totals from states that held caucuses but didn’t release popular vote counts?

So, what would those totals be? (Numbers from RCP)

Popular Vote with Florida and Michigan
Obama – 16,596,184 – 47.8%
Clinton – 16,496,600 – 47.5%
Advantage Obama – +99,584 – +0.28%

With Iowa, Nevada, Maine and Washington
Obama – 16,930,268 – 47.9%
Clinton – 16,720,462 – 47.3%
Advantage Obama – +209,806 – +0.60%

Either way, he wins. And again, he wasn’t even on the ballot in Michigan so he received ZERO votes in these totals. However, since 238,168 voted “uncommitted” in that primary, it would be fair to split those between Obama and Edwards and give Obama 119,084. So it could be argued that his total with Florida and Michigan is actually 218,668 and with Iowa, Nevada, Maine and Washington, it’s 328,890.

Why do I bring this up? Well, once again, Hillary is making the popular vote argument. She did it in her victory speech tonight (right after she led off by asking for people to donate money at…classy). She’s also trying to say that the new delegate total is 2,209, not 2,025.

So just keep these numbers in mind in the coming weeks when her campaign keeps making these arguments.