I haven’t followed this race, but this is the 3rd one in a row and could signal a big shift come November. Because this was in a district that voted 62% for Bush in 2004.

From The Hill:

Democrat Travis Childers won Tuesday’s Mississippi special election runoff for Sen. Roger Wicker’s (R) House seat, handing Democrats the biggest of their three special election victories this cycle and sending a listless GOP further into a state of disarray.

Childers, who beat GOP candidate Greg Davis 49-46 three weeks ago but came up just shy of a race-ending majority, joins new Democratic Reps. Bill Foster (Ill.) and Don Cazayoux (La.) to give Democrats a trifecta of upsets in conservative House districts.

The loss could send shockwaves through the Republican Party, where murmurs about a leadership shakeup have become more and more audible.

Democrats are backing up the assertion that they remain on the offensive in the cycle following a 30-seat gain, which has historically not been the case after a wave election.

Again, this is a very conservative district…in Mississippi. The significance of that can’t be understated. The country is definitely looking for change and any Republican that doesn’t understand that will probably find it very hard to win this fall.

Politics Dems Pick Up 3rd Repub Special Election Seat In As Many Contests