Yep, it’s goal post moving time.

She took the opportunity in tonight’s victory speech to rewrite the rules and claim specifically that 2,209 was the new number of delegates needed to win the nomination.

She also claimed Obama agreed with her. I’ll let you parse that however you want.

Listen folks, you don’t get to mile 199 of a 200 mile race and claim another 2 miles should be added to the end of the track. You don’t get to the 2-minute warning and argue for another 20 seconds. You don’t get to the last inning and the last strike of the last out and ask for a few more pitches just in case you get another strike. You just don’t do it.

Yet for some reason she does do it…and so it should be clear to everybody that Hillary will literally say and do anything to win.

But hey, I hope she continues to keep this up. Because it will discredit her and make people realize that she doesn’t deserve any type of leadership role in the Democratic party.

Moving on…

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