Feith is famous for being the guy who formed the “Office of Special Plans”, a group that cherry-picked the intelligence for the administration so they could justify going into Iraq because of WMDs and ties to al Qaeda. And now he’s out on the talk show circuit hawking his book which claims that their was no deception in the selling of that war.

Hmm, this should be good…

Here’s part one:

And part two:

He really shouldn’t have gone on the Daily Show. Stewart is simply too smart, and Feith just wasn’t up to the task. Also, did you notice at one point he actually sort of laments that Jon Stewart actually READ his book before the interview?

In any event, his argument that the administration’s selling of the war wasn’t deceitful seems like yet another lie. He keeps saying that the administration “grossly mishandled” things, and it just doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. These are not dumb people, they know that they sold us a false bill of goods and there are no repercussions…well, except that they get to write books and draw million dollar advances from publishers.

In any event, here’s more background on Feith. Please don’t buy his book. He’s a liar.

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